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Pssst! Here’s a Secret about the Alps

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To everything thing– turn, turn, turn, there is a season—turn, turn, turn. I am a sucker for some pretty clichéd folk songs, including that one from Pete Seeger. (Probably in large part due to having gone to a summer camp run by Pete’s brother, John.) Pete had weightier things on his mind when he wrote   Continue Reading →

Run the Alps’ August 2014 Tour

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Or, How to Trail Run Through the Alps in 12 Days I have a bit of a problem with Switzerland, when it comes to trail running. When friends ask, “So, what’s the trail running like over there?” I start with the usual suspects: classic mountain huts, vistas that do literally get you to stop in   Continue Reading →

Thinking of Chris

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Here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire this morning, I can look over the edge of my laptop’s screen, and there’s snow on the peaks of Mount Adams and Mount Madison. Today, though, I’m occupied planning a summer of trail running around the Swiss Alps, including a number of trail races and, with my friends, co-leading two great tours.   Continue Reading →

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