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Who’s the American Kid? The Story of Jim Maddock at Matterhorn Ultraks

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As 2014’s Matterhorn Ultraks comes to a close, it’s worth taking a look back at a remarkable story behind the scenes from last year, involving Jim Maddock from Run the Alps. We thought you’d enjoy this story of what happens when you have one of those days, when everything falls beautifully in to place. This is a story about a friend from my town   Continue Reading →

Matterhorn Ultraks: The 30 km Edition

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Smooth and easy going, with no shortage of sheer lusciousness, punctuated by moments that demand the participant’s attention. Generally goes down easy and leaves one with a poignant memory. Best sampled with fine company, on a fair day. Admission: I don’t know wines. At all. Connoisseur is never a word that would be applied to me,   Continue Reading →

The Alpstein: Trail Running in a Vertical World

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Years ago, I saw a photo of a high alp mountain hotel. It looked like it had welcomed guests to its corner of the Alps for a century or more. Weather beaten pine boards showed the consequences of facing mountain storms over many years. In reality, the look wasn’t all that unusual for the Swiss   Continue Reading →

Eiger Ultra 2014: The Pleasure Trail

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The Eiger, with its world-famous North Face, towers over the Swiss village of Grindelwald. The foreboding rock and ice wall looms large in the storied history of Alp mountaineering. And, now, the name has been bestowed upon one of the great new trail races in Switzerland, the Eiger Ultra. A few weeks ago, the race attracted   Continue Reading →

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