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Pablo: The Man Behind a Remarkable Sierre-Zinal Record

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Back before GPS watches, back before compression shorts, Gu, Facebook and Strava, trail running was simple: old shorts, a pair of shoes, and the desire to move quickly through the mountains. It still can be that way, of course. That’s a matter of personal choice. U.S. trail running legend Pablo Vigil makes that point, and   Continue Reading →

The Elk Mountain Grand Traverse: Not the Alps. Not Trail Running, Either.

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A rowdy midnight start amid 400 glowing headlamps. Dozens of miles of wintry, Colorado backcountry. Wildly enthusiastic volunteers placed strategically at high passes and deep in the forest. Reclining with beers in lawn chairs at the sunny Aspen finish. The Elk Mountain Grand Traverse has got to be, hands down, one of the most remarkable   Continue Reading →

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