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LoLa – A finish worth the hard work

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As I gasped for breath, my legs on fire with the lactic acid building in them as I climbed, and the sting of sweat in my eyes, I yet again wondered why I thought that Lodrino Lavertezzo Skyrace, more fondly known as LoLa, was a good idea. Twelve months ago it had been our baptism   Continue Reading →

Is Ice Trail Tarentaise the Most Extreme Trail Race in the Alps?

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I am on a glacier, crawling across a ladder, a gaping abyss of a crevasse below, when the thought occurs. Ice Trail Tarentaise has got to be one of the most extreme trail races in all the Alps. This race, founded in 2011, has quickly garnered attention in the Alps, where there is no shortage of   Continue Reading →

Kilian, Mira, Alex and 21,000 others: Chamonix’s Skyrunning Weekend

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Mira Rai, the young Nepali runner, is being interviewed. Her gentle face is radiating an infectious smile. She looks incomprehensibly fresh after winning Chamonix’s 80-km Continental Skyrunning Championships just moments ago with a new course record of 12:32:12. Her nearest competitor, Spain’s Anna Comet Pascua, didn’t see the finish line for another 22 minutes. Place   Continue Reading →

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