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Giving Thanks, 2015

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It’s 6:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning and above my laptop’s screen, I can just now start to make out the outline of the Northern Presidentials, here in Randolph, the quirky little mountain town in Northern New Hampshire that’s my home for much of the year. On my mind is Thanksgiving… or, more accurately, thanks and giving.   Continue Reading →

Monte Spluga: A Well-Kept Secret Near the Swiss-Italian Border

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  Left turn. Right turn. Left turn. Right turn. The slow progress of your car journey up the mountain is backed only by the soundtrack of the driver’s foot moving from the accelerator to the brake pedal, a slight twang each time he lets off the brake. You soon tire of driving over mountain passes,   Continue Reading →

CMBM: The Club at the Heart of Trail Running in Chamonix

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Thanks to Chloë Lanthier for her help with this interview, and to Maia Rauschenberg for the transcription. Over the last decade, Chamonix has become one of the world’s top locations for trail running. It makes sense. Long the world’s center for alpinism, thanks to its location at the base of Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles   Continue Reading →

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