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Little Dome

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Smitten with rock. Let’s begin there, and already you may be saying, “This guy is odd, or hard up,” and that may be true. But it is really a softness of heart for the slow, foot-won world that has me writing this. Which is really a way of calling back some moments on The Dome   Continue Reading →

Running to Get There

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All of this is prospective. I’ve signed on to Run the Alps’ Tour of Mont Blanc from July 19-27, and I’ll know exactly what that means once I arrive in Chamonix, and the mountains fill my eyes. But even these many weeks before that arrival, a lot of my limited memory-Ks are taken up by   Continue Reading →

For Run the Alps Clients and Friends Only, from Ibex and Patagonia

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As Run the Alps has grown over recent years, we’ve found ourselves wanting to share our favorite trail running gear that we use when cruising along the Tour du Mont Blanc, under the Eiger, along the course of Sierre-Zinal, or in a quiet village far off the beaten path. Once a year, before we head to the   Continue Reading →

For unique trail running clothing, visit Run the Alps partners, Insane Inside.