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Big and Near – Two Mountain Selves

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Writer Sandy Stott will be joining Run the Alps on a trail running trip around Mont Blanc next month. He lives in Brunswick, Maine. Read the first and second installments of his account as he trains for the circumnavigation along the Tour du Mont Blanc. The maps, when you stand on them, are big enough to   Continue Reading →

Il Cuors da Flem: A New Trail Race Comes to Graubünden

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When I wrote about the upcoming trail race season for Run the Alps back in January 2016, I came across a number of new events, including Il Cuors da Flem. Located in Flims, within the Swiss canton of Graubünden, the race name means “The Run of Flims” in Romansh, Switzerland’s fourth national language. The photos of   Continue Reading →

A New Partnership: Trail Runner Magazine

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Who you pick, and who picks you, says a lot about a company. We’re pleased to be partners with some of the greatest folks in the trail running community. They include Dan and Janine Patitucci, of PatitucciPhoto. Ibex, for our clothing. Patagonia, for our client gear. ALPSinsight, for sharing trail running opportunities in Switzerland’s Jungfrau region.   Continue Reading →

Leukerbad’s 65-Minute Dash

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I have a serious soft spot in my heart for crazy trail running ideas: the self-created adventures, the offbeat concepts, the way-out-of-the-mainstream mountain runs that have you shaking your head in a combination of admiration and shock, thinking “Who dreamed up that idea—and how many beers had they had–when they did?” So, when Salomon team member Rickey Gates mentioned an Alp town   Continue Reading →

Run the Alps 2016: Early Bird

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Though the snowpack is still holding its own up high, not all Run the Alps participants are willing to sit back and wait for winter to fade from the alpine zone. Ray Sena, of San Leandro, California, has already returned from his trail running adventure in the Alps. Ray spent a week on a self-guided   Continue Reading →

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