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Running 330 km Through the Alps: Natalie’s Tor des Géants

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Run the Alps friend Natalie White, a British and English fell running champion, recently completed the head-spinning 338-kilometer long Tor des Géants, or “TDG,” a single-stage trail race through the Italian Alps. What’s it like to run that kind of distance… and throw in 24,000 meters of climbing, too? We asked Natalie’s partner, Robbie, to interview Natalie about the   Continue Reading →

Trail des Aiguilles Rouges: Chamonix Valley’s Trail Race

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The world knows Chamonix for some of the most impressive trail races on the globe: the Marathon du Mont-Blanc, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, and the nearly dozen other races associated with these two overarching events. But, as September winds down, there’s a race that captures the attention of Chamonix—one that’s a favorite among valley locals: Trail des   Continue Reading →

SBB CFF FFS Explainer: How to do It

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There’s only one way that public transportation in Switzerland could get any easier: if the country assigned a personal concierge to each traveler. (Note to transport officials: I’m willing to help test the concept!) Still, traveling around any foreign country can be a challenge — particularly if you add in five or six hours of   Continue Reading →

Upon Heading Home: Run the Alps Guide Simon Conroy

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Editor’s note: This season, we welcomed Simon Conroy to our crew of trail running guides. Simon’s tremendous depth and breadth of experience has been a great asset. And, his irreverent sense of humor and pleasure in all things alpine has been a joy to be around. Thanks, Simon, for a great season! Well… Having just   Continue Reading →

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