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Café Running

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For my fifth birthday, my mom baked a cake with mocha frosting. My favorite. Ready one day early on November 18th, I remember seeing it under the plastic wrap in the fridge. That evening, I snuck down the steep staircase from my bedroom on the second floor and ate the frosting scraps on the plate.   Continue Reading →

Cheese, Ibex and Family: Run the Alps Talks Swiss Trail Running with Joe Gray

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Joe Gray is one of the strongest mountain runners in the world today. He’s been named US Mountain Runner of the Year no fewer than seven times. Last fall, he won the 12.7-km World Championships race in Bulgaria, leading the US team to their first gold medal win, ever. He didn’t squeak out the victory, either.   Continue Reading →

Running Wild in the Swiss Alps

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This coming summer, Run the Alps is pleased to partner with Run Wild Retreats + Wellness. Run Wild Retreats + Wellness offers premier trail running and wellness retreats in the world’s best trail running destinations. The company has a unique approach, inspired by its founder, Elinor Fish. A writer, speaker and educator, Elinor has made   Continue Reading →

Run Wild with Krissy Moehl

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Run the Alps is pleased to be partnering with Run Wild Retreats + Wellness this year, for an upcoming women’s trail running retreat in the Swiss Alps from July 10–16, 2017. The host, coach, and educator will be someone “just slightly” known to the ultra-running community: trail runner Krissy Moehl. In fact, it’s hard to   Continue Reading →

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