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Of, by, and for Trail Runners: The Five Races of Trail Verbier St-Bernard

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In less than a decade, Trail Verbier St-Bernard has become known as a true trail runner’s race. It makes sense, since it was both inspired and designed by trail runners. And, “TVSB,” as it’s known, passes through one of the most beautiful regions in all of the Alps—the Valais Alps, on the Swiss border with   Continue Reading →

Eiger Ultra Trail 2017: Race Director’s Update

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In the Alps, trail running is booming. And nowhere is that truer than the Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps. It makes sense, because for trail runners, this is a Nirvana of sorts, with flowy single tracks, glacier covered peaks, and even the occasional cow ready to lick the sweat off your arms! The centerpiece   Continue Reading →

Alps, Dogs and Trail Running. It Must Be Canicross!

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Trail racing… with your dog? In the Alps, it’s called Canicross, and it’s gaining popularity around Europe and, more recently, in the United States as well. This past fall, Run the Alps friend Natalie White, a British and English fell running champion, competed in a Canicross event in Lyon, France. That was followed by another event in the   Continue Reading →

Running the PTL. Seven times. Meet JeePee Lüthi.

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Here’s a fact about the trail running scene in the Alps: Everyone knows JeePee. Which makes sense, because you won’t meet a more enthusiastic, friendly or energetic trail runner, anywhere. JeePee Lüthi, 51, from the pre-Alp village of Leysin, Switzerland, is a force of nature. He’s been trail running for close to three decades. And not   Continue Reading →

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