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Tot Dret’s 2017 Brutality

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At the close of this year’s guiding season, Run the Alps’ Senior Guide Simon Conroy undertook a little trail race in Italy, for a great cause (Hint: You can still lend a hand). And when we say “little,” we mean, “long, stupidly hard, with a 71% drop rate.”)  Here’s his story.  The Tot Dret, translated   Continue Reading →

Run The Alps’ Zermatt Matterhorn tour: The View from “Down Under”

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We love sharing stories of trail running in the Alps, and particularly from participants on our Run the Alps trips. Here’s one such story – courtesy of David Lipman, from Gold Coast, Australia. David joined us this summer for our guided trip, trail running in Leukerbad and Zermatt, Switzerland – including a chance to run   Continue Reading →

At Least One Inch

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Past Run the Alps client Sarah Hansel just finished the epic Tor des Geants. Her short story is one of the best we’ve seen about this year’s Tor, and we’re delighted to share it here.  It has taken me a few days to catch up on sleep and to wrap my head around all that   Continue Reading →

The Irresistible Lure of Racing the Dents du Midi

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Some trail races just have it. It’s a vibe, a feeling you get from the moment you arrive. Everyone’s smiling, happy to be there. You’re meeting new friends and enjoying the atmosphere. You get the sense the volunteers have worked together for years, because they probably have. And, whatever happens on the course, you’re happy   Continue Reading →

Sierre-Zinal: My First, But Not My Last

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​As we look back on another great summer of trail running, Run the Alps is pleased to share this guest post about one of our favorite trail races in the Alps, Sierre-Zinal. Author Matt Flaherty is a professional runner, freelance writer, and running coach​ based in Bloomington, Indiana​. ​He’s been running ​competitively ​for most of ​his   Continue Reading →

Senior Guide Simon Conroy Takes on the Tot Dret for the Fiona Conroy Trust

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It has now been four years since the passing of my sister-in-law Fiona from a very aggressive strain of Leukemia. Although time passes on, my thoughts of Fiona and her achievements in life still move around my mind, especially when out running solo on long trails. My family endeavors to keep Fiona’s memory alive through   Continue Reading →

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