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Alps Trail Running for Medical Professionals

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Paging all trail running medical professionals! Okay, well, not that kind of paging. You probably have enough of that already. Here’s the news: Run the Alps is partnering with Tahoe Wilderness Medicine, a unique company that offers continuing education programs for health care providers and outdoor enthusiasts. For those of you in need of certified   Continue Reading →

A Three-Year Journey to Chamonix

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We’re pleased to share this story from Bret Bechis, who discovered the Alps trail running scene through Run the Alps’ Doug Mayer. Bret is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, works for Airbnb, and runs the outdoors clothing company HeyHeys. For his part, Mayer confirms the accuracy of the story, but wants none of   Continue Reading →

Salomon’s New Trail Running Series Comes to the Alps

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Salomon, the largest producer of trail running gear and clothing, recently announced the “Golden Trail Series” – a new, elite-focussed trail racing series. The Golden Trail Series leverages existing events, with a goal of bringing together some of the world’s best trail runners. In Salomon’s words, the Golden Series “aims to promote professional trail runners   Continue Reading →

On Keeping the Door Open

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I’m not quite sure I’m hardcore enough for this trip. It’s the most common concern we get from prospective trip guests at Run the Alps. And it’s one that has proven universally off-base. Run the Alps trips are focused on inclusiveness, with plenty of options to accommodate a variety of ability. I understand the sentiment,   Continue Reading →

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