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Run the Alps Announces the Stewardship Project

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When I started Run the Alps five years ago, questions about our environmental impact were never far from my mind. For two decades prior, much of my life had been spent on issues related to alpine stewardship, in my home range of New England’s White Mountains. So when I created a travel company in the   Continue Reading →

Our new Guide to Trail Racing in the Alps

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One attraction of trail running in the Alps is the incredible race scene here. Many of our trips include the option to take part in an Alps trail race, so Run the Alps has put together a new Guide to Trail Racing in the Alps. The guide includes vital information and handy tips to ensure   Continue Reading →

Tips for Running Chamonix’s Vertical Kilometer

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We recently shared the unique history of Chamonix’s famous Vertical Kilometer, or “Kilomètre Vertical,” as it’s known locally. The 3.8 km route rises exactly 1,000 meters from the center of Chamonix’s old town, and is a popular experience for both locals and trail runners passing through town. So we’ve pulled together our tips for running the route safely,   Continue Reading →

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