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What do Run the Alps Guides do in the Winter? Well…

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It goes with saying that all our guides spend most of their summer trail running, but they also keep busy during the winter months, too! Here’s a look at what some of the team is up to now that the Alps are covered in a mantle of snow.  This winter Mark Brightwell continues to lead people on trips   Continue Reading →

What is Run the Alps’ carbon footprint?

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This is another in a series of articles that are part of our Run the Alps Sustainability Project. Check out our Sustainability Project to see what we’re doing to reduce our impact as a company. We welcome your input.  In our last article in the Sustainability Series, How climate change is affecting the Alps, we   Continue Reading →

Entirely Shameless Reviews of Our Guides

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As the owner of Run the Alps, I play a support role. Here’s what I mean. It’s really about our guides. Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of pieces that have to come together just right, to create a great trail running trip. I started Run the Alps and moved to Chamonix, France,   Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2020: You Got This!

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Your trips look really cool! But… I’m not sure I can really handle something that challenging. I’ve run a few trail races, and the longest I’ve ever run was 15 miles. What do you think? Thanks. That’s the most common concern we get emailed to us here at Run the Alps, from prospective guests. To   Continue Reading →

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