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The Long and the Short of the Tour du Mont-Blanc

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The Tour du Mont-Blanc is world-famous, drawing hikers and trail runners with its mix of beauty and challenge amid French, Italian and Swiss cultures. As guests plan guided or self-guided Run the Alps trips, we often get asked something along the lines of, “I’m not as strong a runner as my partner. If I take   Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Alps Trail Racing Films

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We’re psyched to hear you enjoyed the collection we curated of our favorite Alps trail running films. We got great feedback on it! Several of the races below are partners with Run the Alps, and we have entries available each season, as part of our Run the Alps trips. Contact us for details.  So, grab   Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Alps Trail Running Videos

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We finally ticked off a project we’ve long wanted to tackle–  pulling together a definitive list of our favorite trail running videos from the Alps. Some are well-known classics, others are fascinating glimpses into the past, and a few are interesting homemade clips we’ve enjoyed over the years.  Now, they’ll all in one place! Shamelessly, we’d   Continue Reading →

The Run Alps Community Comes Together (and something you can do on Saturday, too!)

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As conditions around the globe have continued to evolve in reaction to the COVID-19 virus, we here at Run the Alps wondered if there was anything we could do to support both the tight Run the Alps community and the wider trail running world. We recognized that we have, through our social media and newsletter   Continue Reading →

(What Just Might Be) The Greatest Trail Running Vacation, Ever

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Not long ago, I was working with Troy Haines, the founder of Run the Alps’ partners, Alpinehikers, when he posed the question, “If you had an entire month, and you could plan any trail running trip in the Alps you wanted, where would you go and what would you do?” It was a tantalizing question.   Continue Reading →

Into Uncharted Territory: Run the Alps’ Approach on COVID 19

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Operating a business like Run the Alps is often quite fascinating. We deal with all sorts of topics—not just trail running, but mountain safety, international travel, logistics, and much more. Each day challenges us to learn, adapt, and make smart decisions. But I never thought I’d be writing about a virus. Still, here we are.   Continue Reading →

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