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Trail des Dents-du-Midi: Finding Calm amid the Chaos

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It has been, by any measure, a year of instability and change for the world. Run the Alps has not been unaffected. We’ve responded by researching and launching a number of new initiatives—more on that, right here, soon. Like you, I am sure, I’ve found it unsettling. My inner autopilot has sought out the familiar,   Continue Reading →

Roll out the Red Carpet and Grab Some Popcorn: Sneak Peek of a Film from Run the Alps

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Here in the Alps, as elsewhere in the world, Covid-19 has disrupted plans. For Run the Alps, we opted early in the spring to cancel all our guided trips— now is a time for all of us to travel a bit less, and do our part to minimize the global pandemic. As I look back   Continue Reading →

Racing in the No-Fall Zone: Hillary Gerardi and Matterhorn Ultraks Extreme

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The Ultraks trail races in Zermatt, Switzerland, launched in 2012, quickly established themselves as one of the marquee series of races in the Alps.  Taking place in late August, Matterhorn Ultraks features six courses ranging from a 900-meter long kid’s run to a tough 49 km Skyrace, all in the famously beautiful Zermatt valley. (The   Continue Reading →

Bernina Ultraks Adds Ice to the Menu

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Sam Hill is a Run the Alps guide and manager of the Run the Alps Race Finder. Last week I travelled to the Swiss mountain town of Pontresina, nestled in the heart of the Engadin region in eastern Switzerland. With the glaciers of the Bernina mountain range above and the teal blue lakes of St   Continue Reading →

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