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Summer 2021 Travel Updates

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Recent News Updates Last updated: 15th June 2021 15 June: Switzerland opens to fully vaccinated travelers from North America on June 28th! You will need the physical hardcopy of your proof of vaccination; PDFs and/or screenshots will not be valid. 8 June: France Reopens to Vaccinated Travelers on June 9 – A negative covid test   Continue Reading →

In the High Alps, Where Tough Dogs Guard Sheep

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One of the more unusual aspects of the Alps comes when one enters the high pastures. There, where shepherds have tended flocks for centuries, it’s not uncommon to see dogs guarding the animals. In particular, they are entrusted with protecting the young from predators such as wolves, lynx, foxes and bears. With their beautiful cream-colored coats, these “guardian” dogs often look   Continue Reading →

Is a Self-Guided Trail Running Trip for Me? 

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Just what is a “self-guided” trail running tour? While it’s fairly intuitive how a guided trail running trip is structured, the idea of a self-guided one is often not so well understood. Self-guided trips are some of the most popular ones that Run the Alps offers, so let’s take a moment to explore them! A self-guided tour means you   Continue Reading →

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