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Hotel Bouton d’Or: One of our Favorite Places in the Alps

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After a long day of trail running along the lower flanks of Mont Blanc, through the charming medieval town of Courmayeur, Italy, our aching legs demanded that we surrender ourselves to the mountain of duvets that blanketed our bed. We slept for hours– enough so that in the morning, our stomachs growled at the thought   Continue Reading →

Mad Max Romey (Part Two)

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Our adventure continues as we learn more about “Mad Max” Romey. If you missed the first part of our story, you can find it here and read more about the wild character that is Salomon Trail Running’s film maker, Max Romey. **** We were able to find beautiful surroundings in which Max could immerse himself   Continue Reading →

Mad Max Romey (Part One)

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We stood, awestruck, as we watched a madman sprinting full-speed down a mountain, on a collision course with a massive ice block high in the Swiss Alps. Our cameras were out and ready to film this stunt go—we could only assume—terribly awry. His GoPro was stuffed in his mouth to record the moment from his   Continue Reading →

UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc Skyrace

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The packing list for the UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc Trail Race: Running shoes; check. Sunglasses; check. Running vest; check. Climbing helmet… Check?! The northern Alps village of Courmayeur, at the base of Mont Blanc, recently hosted one of the more outrageous trail running races in the Alps: the UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc. The   Continue Reading →

2019 Mont Blanc Marathon in Photos

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The 2019 Mont Blanc Marathon series of races seemed to pass through the trail runner’s paradise of Chamonix as fast as the race winners themselves. The valley filled with an estimated 30,000 runners and supporters for a long weekend of racing… and then, come Monday, they scattered to the winds. As in years past, Run   Continue Reading →

The Best Cafés in Chamonix, France

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Trail running shoes, steep foot paths, and great coffee: the perfect way to start your morning. One of the best parts about trail running in the Alps is the café culture that seems to frame every adventure. Whether you’re running to a chalet nestled above Grindelwald, Switzerland or planning your next route in a café   Continue Reading →

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