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The Restless Energy of Marco de Gasperi

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Run the Alps’ Emmie Collinge describes her experiences meeting and running with the impressive Marco de Gasperi, who has developed some exciting new trail races in Valtellina, Italy. Raised on a diet of mountains and fresh air on the outskirts of neighboring Bormio, a town in Northern Italy near the Swiss border, 39-year-old Marco de   Continue Reading →

Monte Spluga: A Well-Kept Secret Near the Swiss-Italian Border

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  Left turn. Right turn. Left turn. Right turn. The slow progress of your car journey up the mountain is backed only by the soundtrack of the driver’s foot moving from the accelerator to the brake pedal, a slight twang each time he lets off the brake. You soon tire of driving over mountain passes,   Continue Reading →

LoLa – A finish worth the hard work

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As I gasped for breath, my legs on fire with the lactic acid building in them as I climbed, and the sting of sweat in my eyes, I yet again wondered why I thought that Lodrino Lavertezzo Skyrace, more fondly known as LoLa, was a good idea. Twelve months ago it had been our baptism   Continue Reading →

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