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The Montreux Trail Festival: We Will Rock You. (And Your Quads.)

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Lead singer Freddie Mercury from the band Queen had a longtime connection to the Swiss town of Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The first edition of the Montreux Trail Festival kept that connection very much alive. Races were subtitled with one liners from famous Queen songs. “We will rock you” and “Another one   Continue Reading →

Engadin St. Moritz Ultraks: Running Wild in Paradise

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Run the Alps ambassador Maartje Bastings shared this story about her recent trail race in the wild and beautiful Engadine region of Switzerland. Here’s her story. Do you know that feeling… Running on new trails, not knowing where the path will take you? Then, you turn a corner, and you find some of the most stunning views you’ve   Continue Reading →

A Week with the Salomon Ultra Running Academy

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Salomon. Within the trail running community, there is probably no better known word. Well, maybe Kilian, but he is part of Salomon too, after all. For years, Salomon has been leading in gear and shoes of all kinds. The company originated in Annecy, France, in 1947. It is there, in Annecy, where 16 lucky trail runners from all over   Continue Reading →

Up. And up. And up! Six hours of the Ultra Montée du Salève

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AKA, how to put 3,333 meters of “D+” in 16 km of “running.”  The 2017 ultra trail running season has started! With so many fantastic events around me here in Switzerland’s Vaud region, not far from the Valais Alps on the border with France and Italy, it’s hard to ignore them and stay focused on my   Continue Reading →

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