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Simon Conroy’s Little Red Dress

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Simon Conroy is a Senior Guide for Run the Alps. You can read more about him, here. “Mummy, why is that man running in a dress?” It was a line I heard once, though it was probably uttered dozens of times as I ran this year’s Mont Blanc Marathon in Chamonix, France. To understand the   Continue Reading →

Tot Dret’s 2017 Brutality

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At the close of this year’s guiding season, Run the Alps’ Senior Guide Simon Conroy undertook a little trail race in Italy, for a great cause (Hint: You can still lend a hand). And when we say “little,” we mean, “long, stupidly hard, with a 71% drop rate.”)  Here’s his story.  The Tot Dret, translated   Continue Reading →

Senior Guide Simon Conroy Takes on the Tot Dret for the Fiona Conroy Trust

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It has now been four years since the passing of my sister-in-law Fiona from a very aggressive strain of Leukemia. Although time passes on, my thoughts of Fiona and her achievements in life still move around my mind, especially when out running solo on long trails. My family endeavors to keep Fiona’s memory alive through   Continue Reading →

Upon Heading Home: Run the Alps Guide Simon Conroy

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Editor’s note: This season, we welcomed Simon Conroy to our crew of trail running guides. Simon’s tremendous depth and breadth of experience has been a great asset. And, his irreverent sense of humor and pleasure in all things alpine has been a joy to be around. Thanks, Simon, for a great season! Well… Having just   Continue Reading →

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