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Race news: Trail des Dents du Midi

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Trail des Dents du Midi’s full loop is now sold out for 2019– the earliest ever for the race. However, Run the Alps has access to entries as part of our September Chamonix-Champéry guided trip. You can read more about the trip, and race options, here. (And some spaces still remain for the Dents du   Continue Reading →

Chamonix’s Robert Etellin: The man in the hat with the bells, cheering every runner

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Several of the world’s most famous trail-running events take place in Chamonix, France. At each race, an army of volunteers ensures everything runs smoothly, and hundreds if not thousands of supporters cheer on competitors. But one supporter stands out from the rest: Robert Etellin. Etellin has been involved in the Chamonix trail running scene for   Continue Reading →

The Persistence of Memory

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Editor’s Note: A long-time competitive trail runner from San Rafael, California, Victor Ballesteros ran Italy’s Tor Des Géants this past summer. “TDG” is, in many respects, beyond comprehension. The 330km race starts and finishes in Courmayeur, on the south side of Mont Blanc. It includes over 80,000 feet of climbing and descending. Victor is no   Continue Reading →

I am the Human Garbage Pail of Trail Running Fueling

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Yesterday, Run the Alps Senior Guide Simon Conroy and I ran from Courmayeur, Italy to Chamonix, France, along the second half of the Tour du Mont-Blanc. The route we chose was 85 km with about 4,300 meters of climbing. I’m getting ready for a certain trail race in a few weeks.  Here’s how I fueled:   Continue Reading →

These are the Alps, Too

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I had been trail running for five hours. Well, the truth is, I hadn’t run much at all. While scoping out a route for a trail-running book project, I was supposed to be running, but rain, dense fog, and wind were conspiring to make the day challenging. Anticipating a thunderstorm for hours, I felt lucky   Continue Reading →

What I’ve Learned from Car Talk

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As I’ve been over here laying the groundwork for this new, small venture, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about my life with the show Car Talk that airs on National Public Radio.  I’ve worked for Car Talk since 1995—nearly 20 years. It’s my job, but has always been much more. In that sense, I feel lucky.   Continue Reading →

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