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Good Karma Runner: Run the Alps First Winner, Neak Loucks

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Neak gives widely of their talents, coaching middle school cross-country, crafting hilarious games while leading a trail running club for kids, co-directing the Over the Rainbow Runs 10K/20K, pacing runners in half marathons for Beast Pacing, mentoring new runners and triathletes, and perhaps most importantly, providing pro bono consulting to a variety of race organizations, including Vacation Races, about how to better support trans and nonbinary runners.

Run the Alps is Now 100% Carbon Neutral

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We know that combating climate change will require large-scale systemic society-level change. Nonetheless, we believe in the power of individual action, and want to contribute to fighting climate change in the way that we can.

Run the Alps Announces the Stewardship Project

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When I started Run the Alps five years ago, questions about our environmental impact were never far from my mind. For two decades prior, much of my life had been spent on issues related to alpine stewardship, in my home range of New England’s White Mountains. So when I created a travel company in the   Continue Reading →

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