Run the Alps Guide

Claire Prosser

HometownSheffield, England

A bit about me

I love being outside, being active and eating chocolate! When I was growing up, my family and I spent many a summer holiday orienteering around midge and bog filled forests which I think I must have enjoyed (?!). It was from there where my love of being in the outdoors grew! My career has been very outdoors oriented – from working at a summer camp in Australia, to taking students on an expedition to Borneo, to leading adults up Kilimanjaro. I really enjoy helping people achieve an ambition and sharing experiences with them. Outside of work I run a lot and get very restless if I go without it for extended periods! A couple of years ago I was really pleased to complete the Bob Graham Round – a 65 mile (or 72 mile, depending which website you read), 24-hour challenge around the beautiful Lake District.

My other life

I am an outdoor instructor at a secondary school in the UK.  I take students caving, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking…  it’s great!

In my free time

I enjoy running, skiing, walking, surfing, kayaking, climbing, biking, eating, reading, trying to learn foreign languages, chocolate and cake.  I am a member of a local fell running club and regularly take part in fell races in my local national park, the Peak District. I also enjoy races further afield, too.

Fun Fact

I am attempting to learn the guitar – although I’ve not gone beyond three chords so far. I have almost mastered a fairly flat sounding Love Me Do, the Beatles classic!

Favorite Alp trail run

Coming up from La Fouly, Switzerland to cross the Swiss-Italian border at Grand Col Ferret is just amazing. The view down the valley towards the Grandes Jorasses and Dent du Geant is stunning, so dramatic!

Guiding since2005

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