Run the Alps Guide

Simon Conroy

HometownRedruth, Cornwall, UK

A bit about me

I live in the Scottish Highlands and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this environment, but always look forward to my visits to the Alps to get my fix from the tracks and trails. After spending 23 years in HM Royal Marines as a physical training instructor, I now thrive on passing on my experience and stories to those who are willing to listen to me. I love the freedom of the trails in the Alps, and there is nothing better than sharing this with like-minded beings.

My other life

My other life consists of existing as a freelance International Mountain Leader and Ski Instructor, constantly looking for those opportunities that will enhance my life choices, and make me, my wife, and our families and friends happy. I also sit on the Board of Directors for the British Association of International Mountain Leaders, which seems to be an ever-increasing drain on my time, but very rewarding when we see the positives in solution-based ethics.

In my free time

My free time seems to be taken up with traveling from one job to the next, as well as satisfying the demands of my nephew and nieces who seem to think that Uncle Simon and Aunty Jen are the coolest people in the universe. Give them a few more years and they’ll grow up and realize otherwise! I also like drinking nice wines and chilling out to a bit of selected musical genres.

Fun Fact

I have been mistaken on different occasions for a variety of celebrities including Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore (don’t ask).

Favorite Alp trail run

My favorite Alp trail run is the Tour de Argentière near the Grand Muveran in Switzerland. It challenges you in so many ways, as well as exposing you to the fantastic flora and fauna that you can find in this gem of an area.

Guiding since1992

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