Trail Run with a Run the Alps Guide

Now you can hire a Run the Alps guide directly, through our Run the Alps Guide Network.

Here’s how the Guide Network works. Please read this information carefully. Contact us if you have questions. 

Run the Alps will connect you with our guides for trips of 1-3 days. Your request will be shared with our guide staff, and we will let you know if a guide is available. You can read about our guides here.

Guiding Costs

  • 260€ daily guide fee.
  • Guide expenses during trip, including transportation, accomodations, and meals.
  • Reasonable travel expenses if our guide is not local to the guiding region.
  • Terms and expectations for any guide expenses are negotiated between you and your guide, and paid directly to the guide.

Payment Terms

You will be billed by Run the Alps upon your selection of a guide. Your trip is not considered booked until we receive payment in full. During that time, your selected guide is free to accept other work. 

Once confirmed, we’ll mail you a copy of our Run the Alps Guide to Trail Running in the Alps, which we hope will be useful to prepare for your trail running. As a thank you, we’ll also include a pair of Run the Alps socks and a Run the Alps buff!

If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, consider trail running in an area which is local to one of our guides, so you will avoid guide travel and accomodation costs. Those areas curently include Chamonix, France, Switzerland’s Berner Oberland, Switzerland’s Valais region, and Courmayeur, Italy.

You are responsible for all of your travel arrangements. Run the Alps offers bookings services and support materials only for our guests on our guided and self-guided trips, and not for these trips for which you retain the guide. For information, see here.

Getting Started

Once we receive your request, we’ll share it with our guides. Our guides are active outdoors professionals and often busy in the field, so please allow us one week to get back to you with guiding options.

Once you’ve selected a region and retained a guide, your guide will provide recommended routes based on your interest and experience.

Please note: Run the Alps guides are in demand, and are frequently fully scheduled during July and August. You will have better odds of finding a guide available if you can book early, or schedule your trip for late June or early September. Trail running season in the Alps runs from early May in Switzerland’s Berner Oberland, to October in Italy’s Dolomites. 

Ready to get started? Great! Drop us a note!