New from Run the Alps: A Personalized Alps Prep Program

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We want to let you in on a secret: Trail running in the Alps isn’t actually as hard as it seems. 

It looks pretty badass, right?

But here’s the behind-the-scenes reality: everyone hikes the uphills, jogs most other places, and there’s not a person on our Run the Alps trips who doesn’t stop for croissants and cafe au lait at a hut offering a great view. 

That doesn’t mean that some of us don’t want a little help every now and then, however. Maybe it’s your first trip with Run the Alps, or perhaps your hometown trails are tilted a little more toward Chicago than Chamonix. Or maybe your desk has been calling you a bit more often than the trails. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

Maybe you’re coming to the Alps on your own with a specific trail race objective. That’s fine, too. 

Whatever your reason, all of us here at Run the Alps want to do our best to make sure you’re going to get the most out of your Alps trail running experience. 

For those of you who want some confidence-inspiring guidance, tips, and insights, we’re now offering our Run the Alps Personalized Prep Program.

Trail runners near the Col de Balme on the Swiss and French borders. Get ready to come run with us. (Photo: PatitucciPhoto)

Behind the Personalized Prep Program

We’ve teamed up with two Chamonix-based trail running coaches, who are among the most knowledgeable and supportive trail runners we know!

Run the Alps Ambassador and North Face athlete Meg Mackenzie and Run the Alps Guide Sam Hill are at the core of this new Run the Alps offering. Both are certified trail running coaches living here in Chamonix, France, and both know trail running in the Alps inside and out. 

Meg and Sam, our coaches to get ready to Run the Alps. (Photo: Kate Owen)

I had the pleasure of getting to know Meg on the steep slopes of Monte Rochelle, a beautiful mountainous conservation area in South Africa. I remember being mesmerized by the profound impact running in nature had on her and knew I needed some of that secret sauce in my life. It’s now been a few years of training under Coach Meg’s watchful eye. She’s created a space that’s allowed me to train hard, dream big and believe endlessly.


I love Sam’s holistic approach to training and the setting of a big scary goal that I would never have even considered. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. Sam listens and provides the right balance of friendly challenge and holding me to account. He is always responsive. I have made loads of progress and feel more motivated than ever to run.

-David R.

Best of all, Sam and Meg are wonderfully supportive, empathetic people with great senses of humor. (Can you tell we like them?)  Sam and Meg have been coaching trail runners for a combined 13 years. 

Common Concerns

If you feel a twinge of trepidation about trail running in the Alps, here’s some good news: First, you’re not alone. Second, we can help. 

Here are some of the common topics that Run the Alps guests ask prior to their trip:

  • How do I get fit for trail running in the Alps?
  • How do I pace myself on steep terrain?
  • What should I know about using trail running poles?
  • Got any tips for staying upright in tricky terrain?
  • Is the gear I have right for trail running in the Alps? 

We’re sure you have your own questions, too. Sam and Meg can answer all of these, give hints and tips, and set you on a path so you have a great experience in the Alps. 

How Does it Work?

  • First, you’ll answer a short survey so Sam or Meg can get to know you, your trail running background, and your Alps trail running goals a bit better. (And yes, you can choose between Sam or Meg.) This questionnaire will help them target your areas of concern.
  • Next, you’ll schedule a one-hour follow-up call. During the call, you’ll discuss your specific needs, and Sam or Meg will get the background they need to design personalized guidance. 
  • Run the Alps staff will review and comment on the plan Sam or Meg have developed. Sam will review the plan if Meg is developing your program, or Meg will review it if Sam is developing your program, too.
  • Included in the personalized plan, you’ll receive our specially-developed frequently asked questions with detailed answers about getting ready to trail run in the Alps. 

That’s it! You’re off and trail running with Run the Alps guidance tailored to your needs. 

If you want more support after your Alps trail running consulting is over, Sam or Meg are available for one-on-one sessions for an additional hourly fee. 

What does it Cost?

The intake survey, an hour-long conversation, and development of a personal plan is $275.00. Run the Alps passes all of the fee to Sam and Meg. Why? We want to encourage you to take the Prep Program, so you get the most out of your Alps trail running trip. We’re simply happy to offer this great service from some of the best Alps-based trail runners. It all adds up to a great Run the Alps trip, and that’s our most important goal.

Sign Up

Contact us to sign up for your personalized Run the Alps Prep Program!

Rendez-Vous Replay

And in case you missed Meg and Sam at the online Run the Alps Rendez-Vous, catch up with their Q & A to get to know our coaches and jump start your Alps Prep! 

You can read more about Meg and more about Sam.

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