Grand Trail du Pays du Mont-Blanc

Date 09/04/2022 – 09/10/2022

Country France

Race website

Distance 293km

Elevation 25000m  


This new race has got us intrigued here at Run the Alps! From the information available at present it looks like the Grand Trail du Pays du Mont-Blanc will be held over 7 days, with the course covering a hefty 300km and climbing 25000m. No route map is available yet for the race, but it is set to start from Lac Passy, France, just below Chamonix, in the shadow of the mighty Mont Blanc. Race participants must be in teams of 2 or 3, and will be largely self-supported.

On the face of it, this race sounds a lot like the “Petite Trot a Leon,” a 300km challenge held as part of the UTMB race series in Chamonix. It’s also similar in challenge to Italy’s Tor des Geants and Swiss Peaks. Will the Grand Trail du Pays du Mont-Blanc offer runners a different enough experience from these other races? We have been in contact with the Race Directors and hope to bring you more details soon!

NB: We have estimated the 2022 dates based on last year’s dates. We have contacted the race organisers but not heard back yet. We’ll update as soon as we have more info. Run The Alps makes every effort to keep this page up to date.

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