Grimpée Chedde – Les Ayères

Date 09/15/2019

Country France

Distance 15 km

Elevation 1350 m  


This race can be associated with difficulty and beautiful scenery in the Fiz and Mont-Blanc mountains. Starting from the village of Chedde, in the town of Passy, ​​located at an altitude of 600 m, the trail is 80% on trails and forest roads. The race immediately takes off towards the villages of La Motte and Sancellemoz on already steep slopes. The paths then offer a respite course before joining the Lac Vert by a path that will offer a magnificent view of the entire chain of Mont Blanc.

The pace might slow up with the ascent to the restaurant Le Chatelet and the highest point located at Ayères des Rocs and Pierrières at 1641 m, opposite the mountain Derohoir. The last section is down the main trail of in the ski resort of Plaine Joux at 1316 m. If you have any energy reserves, this is when to bring them out to arrive at the finish in style.