Maddalene Sky Marathon

Date 08/27/2023

Country Italy

Distance 55km  33km

Elevation 3500m  2300m


The Maddalene mountain range is in northern Italy, in an area known as Sud Tirol. There are two races, 30 km and 50 km, though each course is slightly longer than the designated distance. Both races start and finish in the small village of Rumo. The 50km has two significant climbs, the first of which is Monte Pin, reaching 2420m, and the second being Monte Zoccolo, which is the race’s high point at 2561m. The 30km race follows the first part of the 50km route, its high point being Monte Pin. There is a wide range of flora and fauna in this area, including recent sightings of bears, which are normally quite uncommon in the Alps.


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