Mountain Man

Date 08/17/2019 – 08/18/2019

Country Switzerland

Distance 64.2 km  44.6 km 21.6 km

Elevation 3830 m  2320 m 1220 m


With three events over the course of the day, the Mountainman is one of the best-known trail events in all of Switzerland. It ¬†also serves as the Swiss trail running championships, so the best Swiss mountain runners will be taking place, as well! All three courses are almost entirely on mountain trail, with a variety of dramatic views of much of this area of the country. Each course passes through a variety of farmlands, forests and small villages, and is extremely well-supported, with enthusiastic volunteers. The finish includes a tough, final uphill push to the summit of famed Mount Pilatus– a dramatic completion that includes no shortage of cheering onlookers. When you’re done, the steepest cog railway in the world provides the descent to the valley. Run the Alps Blog Post: Defying Expectation: An Ultra Marathon, Some Buttermilk, and a Helicopter Ride.



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