Suly Ski Trail

Date 03/05/2023

Country France

Distance 7 km

Elevation 0 m  


First run in 2014, this event is based in the village of Sulens, in France’s Haute-Savoie region, not far from Annecy. The event combines ski-mountaineering racing and trail running. The race can be completed solo, or in a relay with either two or three participants. The stages are as follows:

Stage 1: Ski alpinism starting at Sulens. (9.5 km and 950 m elevation gain along a technical route.)

Stage 2: Trail run on a groomed alpine ski trail, starting at Les Cernet. (5 km and 210 m elevation gain.)

Stage 3: Ski-mo race starting at Rochevieille and finishing back at the race start in Sulens. (7.25 km and 700 m elevation gain, more rolling hill terrain and less technical that the first stage.)

You can expect a warm welcome from the local community, complete with regional foods and music!


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