The CRUX Winter Ultra Run

Date 03/05/2022

Country Switzerland

Distance 54 km  28 km

Elevation 2500 m  1500 m


For an entry fee of CHF 10, you can participate in Switzerland’s (only?!) winter ultra run, The CRUX. Starting at the Kollbrunn train station in the canton of Zurich, the course follows the Züri Oberland-Höhenweg trail. The longer event is called the Count and the shorter, the Contessa! The purpose of this event is to have fun and enjoy the experience, and as such, there are no official rankings or awards. While bag transport is provided, you will not find any aid stations along the course. You must carry with all the supplies you need during the race. Snow of up to 50cm (over 1.5 feet) can be expected.

NB: We have estimated the 2021 dates based on last year’s dates. We have contacted the race organisers but not heard back yet. We’ll update as soon as we have more info. RTA makes every effort to keep this page up to date.

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