Trail des Châteaux

Distance 30 km

Elevation 1300 m  


Sion, the capital city of Canton Valais celebrates the 50th edition of the Course Titzé de Noël in 2018, and has decided to launch of the Trail des Châteaux 30 km race to encourage runners to try trail running. Both races are on the same day so count on a lot of fun and local support from the Valasians!

There may or may not be snow on the trail at this time of the year, so come prepared. The trail leaves Sion and works its way upwards via by two castles, thereafter you push on upwards to the highest point of the course at 1378 m, passing by the Mayans-de-la-Zour. The loop continues with a descent past the third castle to arrive back in Sion.

En route bouillon soup, hot chocolate, tea, raisins, bananas, salty biscuits and cereal bars will keep you going.