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An American in the Alps: Buzz Burrell on Chamonix, the Mont Blanc Marathon, and More

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In US trail running circles, and within the trail running world internationally, the name Buzz Burrell is very nearly legendary. Buzz, 70, is still going at it.

Simon Conroy’s Little Red Dress

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Simon Conroy is a Senior Guide for Run the Alps. You can read more about him, here. “Mummy, why is that man running in a dress?” It was a line I heard once, though it was probably uttered dozens of times as I ran this year’s Mont Blanc Marathon in Chamonix, France. To understand the   Continue Reading →

Katie Schide and Germain Grangier: 90k to the Shade

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It’s three o’clock in the morning, and my partner Chase and I are running up Chamonix’s famous Vertical Kilometer, or “VK.” We sliced our way through spiderwebs, trudging up to the Planpraz finish with nothing to look at other than the dim circle radiating from our headlamps… but, we were on a mission. Now picture   Continue Reading →

2019 Mont Blanc Marathon in Photos

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The 2019 Mont Blanc Marathon series of races seemed to pass through the trail runner’s paradise of Chamonix as fast as the race winners themselves. The valley filled with an estimated 30,000 runners and supporters for a long weekend of racing… and then, come Monday, they scattered to the winds. As in years past, Run   Continue Reading →

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