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Helicopter Rescue in the Alps

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In the Alps, we’re lucky to have a number of impressively experienced and efficient helicopter rescue services. Their skill is legendary – just this past winter, a film of a French rescue helicopter performing a ‘Skate Support’ maneuver to rescue an injured skier near Chamonix, France, went viral. A month later at the foot of   Continue Reading →

David Laney’s Tips for running the UTMB®

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Based in Bellingham, Washington, Run the Alps Ambassador and Nike trail running team member David Laney is a regular visitor to Chamonix, France. In the quiet off-seasons of spring and fall, it’s not uncommon for David to be spotted around town or on the trails. He’s gotten to know the UTMB® particularly well, having participated   Continue Reading →

Me and Air and My Stupid Lungs

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This past weekend, I took part in Europe’s first Running Up For Air event. It was held in my hometown of Chamonix, France. The goal of “RUFA” is to bring awareness to the issue of air quality. None of us can trail run without clean air, of course. And as the owner of a trail   Continue Reading →