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An American in the Alps: Buzz Burrell on Chamonix, the Mont Blanc Marathon, and More

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In US trail running circles, and within the trail running world internationally, the name Buzz Burrell is very nearly legendary. Buzz, 70, is still going at it.

Tips for Running Chamonix’s Vertical Kilometer

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We recently shared the unique history of Chamonix’s famous Vertical Kilometer, or “Kilomètre Vertical,” as it’s known locally. The 3.8 km route rises exactly 1,000 meters from the center of Chamonix’s old town, and is a popular experience for both locals and trail runners passing through town. So we’ve pulled together our tips for running the route safely,   Continue Reading →

Chamonix’s Vertical Kilometer: A Brief History

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One of the more popular trail runs in Chamonix is also one of its more unusual ones –  the “Kilométre Vertical” or “KV” – “VK” in English. The 3.8 km-long route, an attraction for both local trail runners and those visiting from afar, has also been a race as part of the Mont Blanc Marathon   Continue Reading →

UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc Skyrace

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The packing list for the UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc Trail Race: Running shoes; check. Sunglasses; check. Running vest; check. Climbing helmet… Check?! The northern Alps village of Courmayeur, at the base of Mont Blanc, recently hosted one of the more outrageous trail running races in the Alps: the UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc. The   Continue Reading →

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