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Dec 18, 2023

Will I be able to keep up? 

Am I fit enough? 

How do I train for one of your trips? 

These are some of the most common questions we get from trail runners interested in our trips. 

Here’s our promise to you: We will always meet you where you are in your trail running. And we are here to help you get ready!

So, we’ve teamed up with to help make sure you’re feeling confident and ready for an amazing tour! The talented coaches at now offer customized training plans for Run the Alps trips

The trails high above the Chamonix valley. (Photo: Sam Hill) is the leading coaching and training app for trail runners of all kinds and levels. No matter your starting point, they can help you prepare for a Run the Alps trip. Whether you’ve been trail running for years and want to understand an Alps-specific plan or you’re a beginner and interested in working with a coach towards a big goal, can help you prepare with workouts that meet you where you are and help you get ready for the Alps!

Vert’s workouts are designed based on time and how hard the training feels for you, something called your “Rate of Perceived Exertion.” This approach makes the training plan accessible regardless of your fitness or skill level. And no special equipment is needed!

No matter how far in the future your trip is, you can start training now by selecting the plan for your trip or begin with the Run the Alps General Plan, and your coach will assign some great base-building training blocks before getting into specific trip training.

As the official training partner of Run the Alps, can help you arrive ready for all the fun of your trip. 

Enjoying big views in the Alps. (Photos: Sam Hill)

How to Train for your Run the Alps Trip with

We want to help you have the best trip possible, and that starts before you even get to the Alps. We’re so confident in the benefits of training with that everyone who signs up for a Run the Alps trip will get their first month of training with for FREE

Upon trip sign up, the Run The Alps team will send you a welcome email with a unique code for your free month of training.

If you’ve already signed up for your Run the Alps trip, watch your email! We’ll send you a unique code for your free first month of training. 

Beyond your first free month of training, wants to make coaching and training attainable at only $25/month.

Note: You *also* get a 7-day free trial + your free month, so don’t be alarmed if you get an email after 7 days telling you that your free trial has ended. You also get a full free month after that.

Going uphill efficiently is a big part of running in the Alps. (Photo: Kim Strom)

Getting Started with

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to:
    • The free month codes are applicable for subscriptions started directly on via a web browser (NOT through the mobile app). 
    • Once you start a subscription with your code, you will be able to use the application on any device (Web, iOS app, Android app).
  • Select your trip
    • For some of our trips, you’ll see there’s a specific training plan. If your trip isn’t listed, no problem! The Run the Alps General Training Plan is a great place to start.
  • Fill in a few details
    • This will allow to customize your training plan to your needs. They’ll want to know how many hours and days you train each week, how many trail races you’ve done so far, and the date of your next goal. (Unless you have another race/goal in mind, enter the start date of your trip here). 
  • Use the unique code you received from us by email to get your first month free.
    • You’lll need to add your payment information to the Vert payment process system, but won’t be charged unless you choose to continue training beyond your first month. 
    • will email you a reminder about your subscription activation five days before the first month of training ends.
  • Get a customized plan from
  • Start Training!
  • You’ll check-in weekly with one of the great coaches at Vert, via the App 
  • With the help of your coach, you can adjust the plan as you go by moving workouts and increasing or decreasing your training load.
Where we run. (Photo: Kim Strom)

There’s More!

If you’re doing an Alps Trail Race

Some Run the Alps trips include the option to take part in a trail race. If you’re running a race as part of your trip with us, just let your coach know via the app, and they will customize your training plan for that specific race!

Want extra support?

If you would like a little more in-person support, you can upgrade to’s premium service. This includes extras like:

  • A monthly call with your coach– and extra calls can be scheduled if needed
  • Unlimited communication with your coach through the chat on the app and via email
  • A more deeply personalized training plan

Get to know


We understand that most people don’t have the resources or the knowledge about how the heck to start trail running, or how to train for a huge adventure like a Run the Alps trip (including ourselves when we started!). So we started to make the awesome benefits of having a personal coach available to more people–by offering coaching for just $25/month.   
Kristen, co-founder of

Plans Tailored for Run the Alps Trips

We’ve designed these programs to help you be the most prepared you can be to have a great time running in the Alps–even if it’s a different terrain than what you’re used to. No matter if you live in the city or the mountains, we’ve got your back with our Run the Alps training programs and coaching.
 Max, co-founder of

Training and Recovering with a Coach

Running is fun, we do it because we love being outside, enjoying new landscapes, having a great time with friends, and because our bodies ask us for movement. At the same time, it’s key to balance movement, training, and recovery. Even more so, if we work full time or have other responsibilities. This is why working with a coach can help not only guide your training, but also guide your recovery and rest periods to be at your best… At the end of the day, resting is training. 
Moi, co-founder of

Have any questions? Just drop us a note.

Doug Mayer
Doug Mayer is the founder of Run the Alps and lives in Chamonix, France with his labradoodle, Izzy. He is the author of The Race that Changed Running: The Inside Story of UTMB and writes for Outside Online and Ultrasignup News. His upcoming book is a graphic novel about Italy’s 330km long Tor des Géants trail race.