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Kristians Lunins

Kristians Lunins
Riga, Latvia
A bit about me

Coming from a country with absolutely no mountains, being in steep terrain is a passion that I have developed in my second life. I moved to Denmark from my home in Latvia in 2011, to get a Mechanical Engineering degree. After achieving my goal and spending a few years in the office, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I quit my job and got rid of all my possessions– except a backpack. I started pursuing my new dream to become a mountain guide. In the process, I covered well over ten thousand kilometers in the mountains, all of it on foot.

My other life

Unless I am traveling to lands too far to reach by driving, I live in my van with my fiancée. We both freelance as licensed International Mountain Leaders. We also have small company that organizes a few mountain treks every year.

In my free time

I love being outdoors in nature, especially in the mountains, whether it is running, hiking, camping, climbing, mountaineering, skiing or snowshoeing. One big perk of living in the van is that I often find myself in a new place. That gets me excited to explore and check out new trails. I love movement and I especially like moving my body over mountainous terrain. Trail running and being light on my feet brings joy and satisfaction like nothing else.

Fun fact

I lived in the Costa Rican jungle for 3 months among snakes, spiders, bullet ants and poison dart frogs.

Favorite Alp trail run

It is hard to pick a favorite without being based anywhere. But running the Grand Balcon Sud with the evening light coloring the peaks and glaciers on the opposite side of the valley has definitely been a highlight.

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