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Trail du Velan

Trail du Velan
21km 13km 6.8km
2100 m 1000m 1000 m

About the race

The Cross du Velan takes place above the Entremont valley, one of the most stunning valleys in all of Switzerland. At the end of the valley is the famous  St. Bernard Monastery, high in the alps on the border with Italy. The course starts in the little hamlet of Bourg St. Pierre, passes through long pastures, climbs to the Cabane de Mille on the Tour des Combins hiking route, and then traverses high above the valley, incorporating a high alpine setting, while passing Cabane du Valsorey and Cabane du Vélean. A 21 km race, ending at Azerin, is also available as an option. Runners have the option of doing the 44.1 km route as a two-person relay team, switching at the midway point of Azerin.

Le P’tit Cross includes three kids race distances: 500m, 1000m and 1700m.

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