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Awesome trip

Reviewed by: Chris

Awesome trip! Running in places that look fake with great German style bier and strudel to break up the days sprinkled throughout the runs. Every hotel was amazing, the itinerary was very easy to understand with maps and check points save 1 and the distances were manageable even though we gained 3000ft at least most days.


The amount of days and range of stops made it look more appealing, along with the mileage day to day.


Read your itinerary well the night before each run to make sure you know where your food/beer/break options are. Be ready for steep inclines at times. Beware colder potential Temps on the eiger route to wengen if weather is poor.


Hard to pick one, the region looked fake, every run had a different view that was mind blowing. I really enjoyed being able to stop and snack on espresso, beer or pastries when we got hot or tired at great village cafes on the sides of cliffs.