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This was really a great trip

Culinary Trail Tour of the Alps

Reviewed by: Tom Helpenstell

This was really a great trip. It far exceeded my expectations in every way. I look forward to doing another trip soon (perhaps I will go for a hut to hut trip!).


We wanted a trip that would include beautiful scenery and some challenging runs but not be so hard that it would take the fun out of the experience. This was the perfect choice. I was afraid that if we did a hut to hut trip we would feel too much pressure to make it to the hut each day and that seemed a bit daunting.


Train for it ahead of time and be in great shape, but then relax and just enjoy the beauty of the area and the friendships made with the guides and fellow runners.


Just being in the Alps is a pretty awesome feeling. Our guides were fantastic - thank you to Giles and Sam!!