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TMB – if I can do it, so can you!

Reviewed by: Moe

This adventure seemed unattainable for someone who does trail running just for fun. The challenge of the route is already daunting, but coupled with the logistics of lodging, transportation, bag transfers, meals, and course descriptions made it seem impossible! Run the Alps made it seamless so all we had to do was eat, drink, run and sleep! The app was particularly helpful throughout …an unexpected perk we really appreciated. We hardly used the actual maps at all.


My husband had run the CCC and we wanted to come back and see the whole thing together! This year was our 30th anniversary and we wanted a destination activity-based celebration and this one checked all the boxes.


I followed the included training program by Kristi Moehl about 80%, definitely hit the weekly mileage goals and tried to get vert as much as possible and it paid off. I was challenged but I felt good enough each day. I’m a recreational athlete!


Courmayeur to Trient was spectacular running! Don’t skip those optional 11 miles! We just did the whole way (20 miles) and we loved it. Tired…but loved it.