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UTMB race series week 2022
UTMB Mont-Blanc® 2022 in Photos (and the Morning After)

UTMB Mont-Blanc® 2022 in Photos (and the Morning After)

Aug 31, 2022
Katie Schide running UTMB 2022
Run the Alps friend and ambassador Katie Schide tackles the final steps on the climb to UTMB Mont-Blanc’s high point, Grand Col Ferret, at 2537 meters. She went on to become the 2022 women’s winner!

UTMB Mont-Blanc® week has come and gone, and so have the crowds, the cheers, and  the blasting of Vangelis’ soaring “Conquest of Paradise” from the start and finish line.

Run the Alps guide and photographer Sam Hill captured the lesser seen side of the big show: The quiet, lonely moments for the runners in the mountains. The departures and the aftermath. Chamonix in recovery mode after the party. As the frenetic energy fades, the lights and cameras and action all disperse, and it’s time to clean up while our friends from around the world head home. Cue the clatter of suitcase rollers on the streets and one, big, collective exhale.

Jasmin Paris running UTMB 2022
UK running legend Jasmin Paris on the move. Unfortunately, she dropped later in the race. It was only her second DNF ever. Jasmin’s a member of the group Green Runners, and arrived in Chamonix after an 18 hour trip of buses and trains from her home in Edinburgh, through the UK and France, to lower her carbon footprint. Read more about her journey here.
Aid Station UTMB 2022
Foot care is vital to keep moving forward.
UTMB foot care
Small irritations can become big problems after 100 kilometers or more.
UTMB race series week 2022
Runners came with every imaginable attitude: many were serious, while some preferred a more lighthearted approach.
UTMB runner napping
Down time amid the hustle and bustle of an aid station. Nearly every runner takes a few minutes to catch up on sleep, most commonly at the Courmayeur, La Fouly, or Champex aid stations.
Or sometimes on the trail.
UTMB race series week 2022
A runner pauses to take a pic and take it all in.
Leaving Chamonix after UTMB
Headed home.
Leaving Chamonix after UTMB
A runner heads for the Chamonix Sud bus station. Early on the Monday morning after UTMB Mont-Blanc®, the streets of Chamonix empty out.
Taking down the finish arch, UTMB 2022
The party’s over. Time for the clean-up!
Taking down the finish arch, UTMB 2022
UTMB stage take down
The stage comes down until next year.

All photos copyright Sam Hill.

Kim Strom
Besides being the Content Producer for Run the Alps, Kim is a freelance writer and photographer who works with PatitucciPhoto. She co-created the online resources for trail running and mountain sports: ALPSinsight and Sierra Trail Runs.