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Alistair Crompton

Alistair Crompton
Argentière, France
A bit about me

After a realisation aged 39 that I wasn’t living the life I wanted, I quit my job, sold my possessions and moved to the mountains. More than a decade later I am still following my passion for life and spend my time trail running, paragliding and ski touring, as well as travelling to other mountainous regions of the world.

My other life

I am a qualified yoga teacher, and regularly teach yoga in Chamonix.

In my free time

I spend my winters ski mountaineering, and my summers trail running, hiking and paragliding. I love cooking and have been working part-time as a plant-based chef during the winter.

Fun fact

I was once mistaken for a Russian diplomat on a visit to the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest! I was taken into a meeting with the Parliamentary Minister of Defense, who thought my English accent was rather good. I soon got escorted out!

Favorite Alp trail run

I love the more remote places close to Chamonix. My favorite trail is the Tour du Mont Ruan, which is a high mountain route on the border of France and Switzerland, starting and finishing from the Emosson dam. To add excitement, the route can be turned into a two-day run by incorporating Mont Buet, Le Cheval Blanc and the Haute Cime.

Guiding since
I've been teaching alpine skiing since 1995, and guiding running and hiking since 2020.