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Isabella “Izzy” Mayer

Director of Hospitality and Ambassador of Joy
Isabella “Izzy” Mayer
Chamonix, France
A bit about me

I started life in France’s Loire Valley, on a quiet farm with a wonderful human couple and six brothers and sisters. At eight weeks, I hitched my star to an American living in Chamonix. My professional trail running goal is to get out and meet all of our Run the Alps guests. If you’re coming on a trip, I hope to meet you on the trail!

My other life

I like to sleep. When not sleeping, I guard the home Doug and I share in the village of Montroc, at the high end of the Chamonix valley. Usually, this means alerting everyone that cows have strayed from the neighboring farm. Oh! I also like to destroy Salomon trail running shoes. Size 43 1/3 seems to fit nicely in my maw. The stinkier the better!

In my free time

All of my time is free. I guess I don’t understand the question.

Fun fact

I’m a legit film star.

Favorite Alp trail run
La Jonction, high above Chamonix, where even on the hottest August day, I can roll around on the snow and ice of the glaciers of Mont Blanc. If I can meet a few chamois on the way down and finish the day with a steak, that’s even better. (Hint, hint, Doug.)