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Leigh-Anne Burns

Chamonix Logistics Manager
Leigh-Anne Burns
Chamonix, France
A bit about me

Originally from Scotland, I found my love for exploring and running through career choices that took me around the world. Now exploring and running come first! Chamonix came into my life when I was lost and unsure about what I was doing. Now, I am lucky enough to call it my home – a place where I have found my tribe and my true inner self lives her best life.

My other life

My first passion in life was the spa and hotel industry, where I delved into holistic therapies and wellbeing. This is no longer my main job, but is still a way of life for me. My main goal in life is to be happy and balanced. Sleep is key to this, as well as running and adventuring. When I’m not doing that, you’ll find me wearing one of my many working hats. I am a “Jack of all trades”, but I won’t bore you with the never ending list of things that I do!

In my free time

I love my free time and I try to make it a priority. I love napping, reading, painting, doing yoga, breath work, giving massages (yes, it is relaxing for me to do and, no, I am not just trying to make you like me!), cooking, along with time with my family and friends. When I am not doing the more chilled stuff, I’m running, skiing, biking, hiking, camping, trying new café and restaurants, or traveling around the world.

Fun fact

This little red headed, pale skinned girl used to live in Dubai for 7 years and has many interesting stories that go along with it. My claim to fame is that I used to give massages to several well-known celebrities!

Favorite Alp trail run

It’s right out my back door: The Vertical Kilometer here in Chamonix. It runs from the St Michel Church and up 1000 meters to Planpraz. In just 3.8 km, it gives great bang for your buck!