Adidas Infinite Trails World Championship

Date 09/08/2023 – 09/10/2023

Country Austria

Distance 127km  15km

Elevation 7600m  891m


The Gastein valley is a hidden treasure just north of Salzburg in Austria. Centuries ago, people were drawn here by unbelievable gold deposits and an inexhaustible supply of hot thermal water. Later, poets, musicians, emperors and kings followed in their footsteps. The Infinite Trails World Championships consists of the relay race over 127km/7600m and there is also a 15km/891m race for single entrants.

Teams of three runners complete loops of 25km/1900m, 60km/3600m and 40km/2116m in relay style finishing with a 700m team sprint finish.

This is an extraordinarily well planned and thought out race and every detail has been considered. As an athlete, you are treated to a pre-race briefing brunch, access to the ‘athlete garden’ where physiotherapy and sports massages are offered, yoga sessions and even foot massage and pedicure.


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