BVG Trail

Date 04/04/2020

Country Italy

Distance 75 km  25 km 50 km

Elevation 4400 m  950 m 3450 m


Halfway between Milan and Venice, picturesque and popular Lago di Garda lies nestled in the southern Italian Alps. The BVG (Bassa via del Garda) Trail is the perfect opportunity to explore this place. Leaving from Salò and following the paths of the Bassa Via del Garda and Alto Garda Park, this route overlooks the lake while still offering the difficult climbs you’d expect from a mountain course. Chose from three routes; the 25 km course goes from Salò to Bogliaco, while the 50 and 75 km routes both ascend the Montagna Briano and follow the lake all the way to Limone.

NB: We have estimated the 2020 dates based on last year’s dates. We have contacted the race organisers but not heard back yet. We’ll update as soon as we have more info. RTA makes every effort to keep this page up to date.