Fully Vertical KM

Date 10/22/2022

Country Switzerland

Distance 1.92km

Elevation 1000m  


The “Vertical Kilometer” race has been growing in popularity in recent years. A sanctioned trail race that’s part of the International Skyrunning Federation’s series, the “VK” as it’s sometimes known, is measured by its vertical distance rather than the length of the course. These runs are short, and very steep – and nowhere is that more true than at Fully, Switzerland, where the course reaches grades of up to 60%. Fully is internationally-known as the fastest VK course in the world, and racers come from many countries each year to test their steep-trail running mettle. The Fully VK course passes through vineyards, then gets down to business, climbing directly up an old funicular route. In 2017 the first person broke the 30 minute time barrier in the VK – and not surprisingly it was at Fully. Here, Philip Götsch got to the top in an incredible 28min53.

Interested in trying a VK? Fully is a great place to do it! Take a look at the Run the Alps Fully Vertical KM blog post.

NB: We have estimated the 2022 dates based on last year’s dates. We have contacted the race organisers but not heard back yet. We’ll update as soon as we have more info. Run The Alps makes every effort to keep this page up to date.

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